Muskingum Valley Council has a great new set of Wood Badge CSPs. 100% of the purchase price will go into the Council’s Wood Badge and NYLT Scholarship fund. There are 10 patches in the set and they’re $10 ea or $100 for the set. Only 100 of each patch made.

Contact Muskingum Valley Council to get yours! 740-453-0571

Thank you to the sponsors of this patch set, which will allow us to raise almost $9,000 to send leaders through advanced leadership training if financial assistance is the reason they could not attend!

The sponsors are: Doug and Beth Edgington, Carl Church, Linda Udischas, Dr. Tom and Nancy Reynolds, Arv and Pat Palmer, Eric and Lorie Udischas, Ron and Charlotte Ashcraft, Dan Ackerman and Judy Baumgardner, Chip and Sarah Udischas, and Bill Shriver.

All are members of the staff of C4-467-16.